Prescient Wireless Technologies

Prescient Wireless has developed products for and has experience in a wide range of technologies from RF transmitters and receivers, to ultracapacitor based power solutions. Prescient Wireless can provide a comprehensive set of engineering services across different technologies, such as feasibility studies and analysis, custom development, all the way to testing and certification compliance.

Some of the projects and technologies Prescient Wireless has developed products for are:

  • PA and transceiver products for major cellular OEMs
  • Avionics subsystems for airborne applications
  • Transmitters & Receivers for ground based radar applications
  • Wideband direct RF to digital receiver technology for military apps.
  • Signal sources and power amplifiers for medical applications
  • UHF RFID asset tracking systems
  • Hand held test and measurement devices
  • Ultracapacitor Based Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for industrial applications
  • Highly sensitive, low noise, large scale industrial detectors and sensors

With a team with over 350 years of combined engineering experience, Prescient Wireless has a vast amount of tried and tested intellectual Property (IP) at its disposal across numerous technologies that can be leveraged and used to rapidly and reliably build our customers products.