Prescient Wireless Development Process

Prescient Wireless uses a well defined and stringent product development process, which starts with creating a requirements document based on a variety of inputs, followed by high level design and then an iterative design and verification process.

Prescient Wireless engineers are so dedicated to a controlled process that they developed their own custom SQL based Product Control System (PCS) that controls all aspects of the development and manufacturing processes at Prescient Wireless. Each component used in Prescient Wireless products is assigned a ten digit part number and all documentation defining the component is stored in PCS. Likewise, the end products including the manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOMs) are also stored in PCS along with any pertinent documentation.

A release process is used to ensure that all documentation is in place, and once released, cannot be changed without an Engineering Change Notice (ECN). PCS is used to issue ECNs electrically requiring electronic sign-off signatures to ensure that all effected personnel agree to the change and that it is documented properly. Since PCS is used to electronically update the information within PCS of released components and products, there is no disconnect between the intended change and that actually implemented.

Additionally, a Process Flow is defined within PCS for each product that defines every step in the manufacturing process. PCS is then used to drive the manufacturing process including all manual and automated steps to ensure that each step of the process if followed in the correct order. All test results are stored in PCS allowing complete traceability of product performance back to the product serial number. PCS is then used to verify that all steps of the manufacturing process have been followed before any product is permitted to be shipped to our customers.

Prescient Wireless believes in strong processes that enhance the productivity of the staff. At Prescient Wireless PCS drives the development and production process rather than just adding overhead work for our staff.